2017 Football Cheer Squad is  Sydney Colshan, Kayla Aber, Cassie Darr, Erica Birkey, Abby Stein, Kendra Durbin, Erin Eldridge, Dakota Gailey, Savannah Michalski,  Allie Rosenboom, and Alexis Hanson. Coached by Toni Tews.

We started in August with camp and practices.  The girls learned cheers, motions, jumps, school song and stunting.  Through out the season beside cheering at 9 games they also colored pin ups and banners, fundraising, painted windows for homecoming, planned pep rallies, etc.  

In November Sydney Colshan, Cara Dewall, and Cassie Darr were nominated for the Iowa Cheer Honor Squad.  They performed during the state football playoff games. 


2017-2018 Basketball Cheer Squad is Cassie Darr, Cara Dewall, Sydney Colshan, Kayla Aber, and Noelle Johnson. Coached by Kathy Sonntag.


2017-2018 Wrestling Cheer Squad is Erica Birkey, Abby Stein, Ashley Strandberg, Erin Eldridge, Alexis Hanson, Tayler Tracy, and Emma Reicks. Coached by Heather Wittrock.