Cross Country

2016 was a season of forward progress with huge improvements made by every athlete. A few special seniors helped to lead the way for the team this past fall in Savannah Shultz and Hunter Duncan. Our guys had a strong season with a few runners jockeying for a varsity spot all year long. Andy Johnson, Brayden Pritchard, Jonas Jensen, Aric Davis, Jacob Siepker, Jamison Schriever, and Hunter made up our Varsity squad to end the year at our district meet in Holstein where we just missed top 10 with an 11th place team finish of the 25 competing schools. They managed a 5th place finish at the conference meet as well. On the girls side of things, we fought the numbers battle all year long with our only scoring team being at conference where they ended up 6th.  Savannah Shultz, Rylee Wood, Alexis Myers, and Noelle Johnson made up our team for the majority of the year with Kendra Durbin stepping in late. Overall, we learned a lot as a team and are excited about the potential of next season with a few goals already in place. Our middle school boys also give us reason to anticipate the 2017 season with 3 of our scoring 5 runners moving up to the high school level next year, with Quinn Lachelt paving the way for the Cougars.  - Coach Theo Clark


2017 Cross Country Schedule




DATE         DAY           OPPONENT                                    SITE                    TIME

Aug. 24          Thurs.            Southeast Valley Invitational                   Gowrie                       5:00

Aug. 29          Tues.              Webster City Invitational                          Webster City             5:00

Sept. 9            Sat.                 Ridge View Invitational                             Holstein                    9:00 a.m.

Sept. 14          Thurs.            Sioux Central Invitational                         Sioux Rapids             5:00

Sept. 18          Mon.               Humboldt Invitational                               Humboldt                 4:00

Sept. 25          Mon.               Alta Aurelia Invitational                            Alta                             4:30

Sept. 30          Sat.                 Pocahontas Area Invitational                   Pocahontas               9:00 a.m.

Oct. 3              Tues.              South Central Calhoun Invitational        Lake City                   5:00

Oct. 9              Mon.               OABCIG Invitational                                  Ida Grove                  4:30

Oct. 14            Sat.                 Twin Lake Conference Meet                     TBA                            9:00 a.m.

Oct 19             Thurs.            District/Regionals                                       TBA                            TBA

Oct. 28           Sat.                 State Cross Country                                    Fort Dodge                TBA

XC2016 Results