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Foster Care Contact

The Manson Northwest Webster Community School District has established the position of Foster Care Single Point of Contact to provide the following services for foster care students and families:

  • Notifying LEA point of contact when the child enters or changes foster care placement;
  • Coordinating student information and services between the DHS/LEA point of contact;
  • Facilitating immediate enrollment in the school district and transfer of records;
  • Facilitating data sharing between DHS/LEA and addressing data obstacles;
  • Facilitating implementation of transportation procedures;
  • Preventing and resolving best interest and transportation disputes;
  • Monitoring attendance and enrollment of children in foster care; and 
  • Providing professional development and technical assistance regarding school stability and educational supports for children in foster care to LEA colleagues, DHS local staff, child welfare providers, youth, foster care providers, and foster parents.
MNW Foster Care Single Point of Contact

Pam Bleam

Pam Bleam
PK-6 Counselor
Phone: 515-542-3211