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Academics at MNW Elementary

At an elementary school, everyone teaches literacy! But our literacy team lead the way with research-based tools and strategies for our teachers. Our literacy team is led by Katie Nelson. Check out the literacy page here.

All TK - 6th grade students have a 40 minute "special" class every day, either Art with Mr. Anderson, P.E. with Mr. Wubben, General Music with Mr. Bleam, or Library/Technology with Mrs. Sturgeon. Each of these teachers are certified in their content area and focus their teaching on the Iowa Core's 21st Century Skills as well as their own content area standards students meet with Mrs. Bleam for a 30-minute Guidance class once a week. 5th and 6th graders also have the opportunity to participate in Band with Mr. Bleam.

Math is around kids everywhere, from saving (or spending!) their allowance, cooking with their parents, or seeing how tall they've grown in the last year. It is essential that students have both procedural knowledge and conceptual understanding of the subject, so they understand not only how to solve a problem but why it's done the way it's done. Our math team is led by Jodi Jacobsen. Look at the math page here.  

The special education staff at MNW Elementary strive to:
*provide a positive learning environment for all students,
work collaboratively with general ed teachers to provide support and resources so that all students have the opportunity to excel, and 
*assist students to further develop their strengths as well as weaknesses by working with them individually or in small groups.

Special education page here
Science instruction at MNW Elementary provides students with multiple opportunities for hands-on experiments and activities. Students strive to develop a strong background knowledge to apply to the real world and their own lives. Our science team is led by Trudi Cabrera. Look at the science page here.

The mission of the TAG program at Manson Northwest Webster Community Schools is to provide educational opportunities for Talented and Gifted students so they may reach their full potential in all educational settings and at all stages of learning. Josh Anderson is MNW Elementary's TAG teacher and the TAG page is here.