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Derek Guddall, Elementary Special Education Teacher


Hello, I am Derek Guddall.  I graduated many years ago from the Fort Dodge Community School District and still live in Fort Dodge, but am happily teaching in my fifth year at the Manson Northwest Webster Elementary School.  Before teaching at the elementary school level, I was a teacher at the Rabiner Treatment Center, also a part of the MNW School District.  I have been instructing students with behavioral/emotional/social needs for 15 years and enjoy seeing our students learn and utilize the skills necessary to work with other people in a more socially acceptable manner and take more pride in their accomplishments both behaviorally and academically.

After high school, I attended Iowa Central Community College and earned an Associate of Arts Degree.  I then worked in the retail industry for approximately five years before I realized that I loved working with and helping people, but not in that aspect.  So, I decided to go back to school to get my teaching degree.  I became employed as a behavioral disorder associate the year before I started my student teaching to become an elementary teacher.  Using my experiences and skills from working with challenging students, I became employed at the Rabiner Treatment Center and earned an Instructional Strategist II BD/LD endorsement to become a special education teacher while teaching at that school.

I instruct special education students in math, reading, writing, and (appropriate/positive) behaviors.