2019-20 7th Grade Football Team

The 7th grade football team posted a record of 3-2-1 on the season with their wins coming against the Gaels of St. Eds in a combination win of 30-0, a 22-0 win over the Eagles of Eagle Grove, and a season finale 12-0 win over the Titans of South Central Calhoun. The season was very  competitive each week and all games were decided by a narrow margin. The games against the Southeast Valley Jaguars and Pocahontas Indians ended in favor of the opponents; each of these narrowly decided games came down to the final minutes of the contest and the Cougars showed tremendous heart and grit as they battled with limited numbers compared to the opposition. These individuals showed tremendous improvement from the first day of practice through the last game and there is a promising future in store for this group of student athletes. Coach Englert, Coach Ewing, and Coach Steinhoff were very proud of the effort and commitment that all members of the team contributed this season and their ability and willingness to be coached.

2019-20 8th Grade Football Team

The 8th grade football team ended the 2019 season with a record of 1-5. This record does not reflect the time, effort, and commitment the 8th grade team demonstrated over the past two years and the tremendous strides they have made as young men, athletes, and teammates. The Cougars lone win came early in the year in a 30-0 shutout of the Gaels of St. Eds. The 8th Grade Cougars were always within striking distance at half but ultimately ran out of steam down the stretch as they were often outnumbered in their contests by their opponents. Team members have learned a lot about the game of football and also about themselves as they were tested mentally and physically each week by opponents. The game of football requires extreme perseverance, discipline and accountability and these young men displayed significant growth in each of those characteristics during the course of their 7th and 8th grade seasons.

Keep in shape!

Keep in shape! We want to thank you again for a great season and the opportunity for us to be your coaches.  We had a great time working with you on your football skills and abilities and watching you grow as young men and athletes. Every player played a critical role in the success 2019-20 football season.  We are very proud of each and everyone one of you because of your work ethic and commitment to Cougar Football and athletics. As a group, we never gave up and you always did your best; those are qualities that we admire as coaches and look for in all student-athletes.

Throughout the remainder of the year, we encourage you to be involved in other sports and activities- look to stay active! We hope to see all of the 7th graders against for the 2020-21 football season, but remember to have your physical form, and concussion form filled out before practice starts, which will be the first day of school.

Thank you to those who supported the team throughout the year and those who volunteered to work chains during the home games; your assistance is greatly appreciated by the coaching staff. Best of luck to the 8th grade players in your high school careers and we look forward to having the opportunity coach you all again next season!