Do you love your job?  We want to hear from you!

MNW Junior/Senior High is looking for professionals of all ages and in all fields to talk to our students for Real World Wednesday.  You'll tell them about your job, how you got your start in your field, and what the students should do if they want your job someday (when you retire, of course!).  You'll talk for about a half hour during our seventh period intervention block (2:45 - 3:10).  You could speak via video chat, but if you can come in person, that'd be even better.  If you are able to come in person, if you can come a little early, teachers in your field's curricular area would love to have you speak in their classrooms.  

What's in it for you?  You'll have the chance to plug your company, inspire the next generation, and, if you can come speak in person, there will be treats.  :)  

Ready to sign up?  Great!  Here's a link to get started.  Someone will contact you soon.  If you have questions about specifics, contact Teacher Librarian Christine Sturgeon at or call her at 712-469-2245.