Maker Club


About the Maker Club
    MNW is proud to have a well-stocked makerspace in each of its school libraries. A makerspace is a community center with tools, with the tools available and appropriate for the target audience - in this case, our students. We have everything from glitter to a sewing machine, 3D printer, vinyl cutter, and a fully-stocked recording studio, and most everything in between. The goal of the makerspace is to put tools into students' hands so that all have the opportunity to create, whether for a class, an extracurricular group, or just for fun. Students can use the makerspace during study hall or make an appointment with Mrs. Sturgeon, our librarian, to use it before or after school.  

The question is - what will you make?

The makerspace is a great addition to the school, however, it does not just maintain itself.  The Makerspace Club is the group maintains the makerspace, keeps it up to date, plans maker-related activities, and fundraises for new equipment or supplies.  The Makerspace Club has done some great work in getting the makerspace to where it is now.  Currently, the Makerspace Club is preparing for a student carnival this fall and a student film festival this spring. The group is also planning trips for its members.  The Makerspace Club looks forward to seeing you at these events and many more.

The Makerspace Club loves feedback about the makerspace and their events.  If you have any ideas at all please email them to and/or
Have you seen our recording studio??

Thanks to a generous grant from the Calhoun County Community Foundation, we have all you need to be the next Steven Spielberg!  

Come use our:

2 iMac computers with iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements & Photoshop Elements, Garage Band, and more 
3 Sony FDRAX video cameras with tripods 
Monitors on carts in case you need a teleprompter1
1 Nikon D3400 DX still camera 
Blue Yeti and Snowball microphones 
Professional-grade headphones 
Collaboration space 

iMac   studio-close-up  

long-room  storage-space    thanks

Makerspace Club Positions
Updated October 2018

  • President - In charge of all meetings and organization of the club; reported to by all other positions

  • Vice-President - In charge of all event organization; takes position of president when president is away

  • Representative 1 - Relays info to and from club members from the meetings; present at all events

  • Representative 2 - Relays info to and from club members from the meetings; present at all events

  • Representative 3 - Relays info to and from club members from the meetings; present at all events

  •  Secretary of Marketing - In charge of all group marketing and PR; works closely with SoP

  • Secretary of Finance - In charge of all group income and expenditures; works closely with SoI

  • Secretary of Inventory - In charge of keeping of makerspace inventory; makes decisions of where items are kept and what is needed; works closely with SoF

  • Secretary of Presentation - In charge of all artistic decisions in the makerspace as to keep it presentable; works closely with SoM

  • Secretary of Records - In charge of keeping clear recordings on makerspace meetings and events 

Current Makerspace Officials
President - Lane Zierke
Vice-President - Shawn Kenyon
Representatives - Jaxon Bush, Kaleb Calmer, Cael Oswald
Sponsor -