As principal of Manson Northwest Webster Junior-Senior High, I take pride in our great teaching and innovation. We strive for student-centered instruction, where all students are actively engaged. In Language Arts, students are given academic choice and encouraged to take ownership of their own learning. Mrs. Keller's Speech II students create short films, and Mr. Olson's Genre Reading students read books of their own choosing in six different genres. In our Career and Technical Education courses, students are given real-world experience. Junior High students in Mr. Pohlman's Project Lead the Way - Gateway are exposed to pre-engineering skills and learn that everyone can be an engineer. Students in Mrs. Tague's Advanced Foods plan, create, and serve three-course luncheons for the public from a state-of-the-art kitchen. Students in Mr. Gaul's Ag Science raise poultry, from the pullet to butchering stage, as well as raise shrimp and tilapia. Students in Mr. Nelson's Laser Manufacturing, Metals, and Advanced Woods classes make projects for the school, public, and themselves. Students at MNW have a wide variety of electives for a school its size, from Mr. Balk's History Through Film and Mr. Patterson's Holocaust History,  Ms. Ames' Virtual Reality, and Mr. Clark's Graphic Design and Ceramics (not to mention his May term course, Stained Glass). Speaking of May term, students at MNW spend the last six days of the school year in an all-day class of their choosing. These include How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with Mrs. Waller and Miss Johnson, Let's Get Physical with Miss Benz and Mrs. Hoth-Waller. These are just a preview of the fine work being done by students and staff at MNW. Come check us out!

Jayme Hurley
MNW Junior-Senior High Principal

Graduation Requirements

52 total credit hours to graduate, including:

8 Language Arts credits
6 Science credits
6 Social science credits
6 Math credits
4 Physical Education credits
1 Health credit
1 Civic Leadership credit

    Agriculture - Doug Gaul
    Business - Matt Pohlman
    Family & Consumer Science - Julie Tague
    Industrial Arts - Brian Nelson

    Instrumental Art - Megan Benz
    Visual Art - Theo Clark
    Vocal Art - Joel Schoening

    French - Rosann Anderson 
    French - Kathy Dudley