Kevin Wood
Junior/Senior High Principal
Manson Northwest Webster Schools
1601 15th Street
Manson, IA  50563
Twitter:  @mrkevinwood

I would like to give a warm welcome to all Cougars. The Jr-Sr High building houses all students in grades 7-12. We have around 345 students in the building, give or take a few. Our staff here at MNW is excited to have your son(s)/daughter(s)in the building. We have an awesome staff that engages, challenges and fosters learning for all students. We have a strong athletic and activity program that encompasses sportsmanship and student involvement. 

The 7-12 staff and I provide a welcoming and safe environment to all students both new and former students. We stress the importance of a "zero" tolerance policy when it comes to bullying and harassment. We strive for "zero" tolerance so our students can experience a safe and welcoming place to learn and enjoy new and exciting journeys. 

We welcome anyone that wants to explore MNW by providing a building tour, a simple phone conversation, or just a drop-in visit to learn more about MNW. If you're interested, give the office a call and ask for Kevin Wood. MNW welcomes you!!!!

  • Master of Arts in Educational Administration from the University of South Dakota
  • Elementary Major with K-12 Special Education from Buena Vista University
  • Associate of Arts from Iowa Central Community College
  • K-12 Educational Administration 
Past Experience
  • 7-12 Special Education Instructor Manson Northwest Webster School District
  • 7-12 Special Education Instructor at Rabiner Treatment Center
  • 9-12 BD Associate at Manson Northwest Webster School District