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Megan Benz

Megan Benz

My name is Megan Benz and I am the 7-12 Band Director. Throughout the year I teach four different classes: High School Band, High School Jazz Band, Junior High Band, and Music Theory. I have been teaching at Manson since 2012. There are many different things I love doing other than teaching band, including obstacle course racing, reading, and crocheting.  I graduated from Hartley-Melvin Sanborn High School in Hartley, Iowa. I graduated with degrees in Music Education and Music Performance from the University of South Dakota in 2011. I'm an animal lover; I have two dogs named Danger and Sydney and one cat named Dmitri. I currently hold one teaching endorsement for K-12 music.

1st Trimester                  2nd Trimester                 3rd Trimester          
8B-8A Band Lessons           8B-8A Band Lessons              8B-8A Band Lessons
Music Theory l                      Music Theory ll                        Lessons
Prep                                      Prep                                         Prep
Band/Jazz Band                  Band/Jazz Band                      Band/Jazz Band   
7B-7A Band Lessons            7B-7A Band Lessons               7B-7A Band Lessons
7-8th Grade Band                7-8th Grade Band                  7-8th Grade band