Junior High Softball 

Back Row: Sol Birkey, Sophia McCullough, Carly Gochee, Ellisa Anderson, Marleigh Doan, Ella Shannon, Alyssa Richman
Front Row: Addison McCullough, Peyton Davis, Elliot Zagers, Josie Eldal, Evelyn Droste
Absent from Photo: Samantha Anderson, Payton Garrett, Ily Glass, Ashley Lawler, Laney Peterson, Mylee Swanson, Edyn Witham 


Welcome to the page for Jr. High Softball. This site will keep you up to date with out team's schedule, results, stats, and other important information. Thanks again for supporting MNW Junior High Softball! Go Cougars!

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Coach Jordan Neumann
Coach Samantha Ruhland

       2020 Softball Schedule


Unfortunately, the Jr. High Softball season was cancelled due to Covid-19. Although we were unable to play any games this season, we were able to get some of the girls together for a scrimmage at the end of June. It was great to see the everyone who could make it, and we are definitely looking forward to next season!

2020 Team Roster
 NumberName  Grade
 Peyton Davis 6
  Josie Eldal 6
  Addison McCullough 6
  Elliot Zagers 6
  Ellisa Anderson 7
  Samantha Anderson 7
  Marleigh Doan 7
  Evelyn Droste 7
  Payton Garrett 7
  Ily Glass 7
  Carly Gochee 7
  Ashley Lawler 7
  Sophia McCullough 7
  Laney Peterson 7
  Mylee Swanson 7
  Edyn Witham 7
        Sol Birkey8