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Master Schedule 

Coach Letter 

The Judges' Lounge is located in the FCA room on the first floor.  The Bus Driver lounge is in the art room on the first floor and will have morning coffee and donuts for our valued bus drivers.

The locker rooms will be open and available for performers to change.  The locker rooms WILL NOT BE LOCKED, so keep valuables with you.

Center Descriptions:

        Center 1 - Auditorium - One Act Play

            You can use the entire stage or we can pull a center curtain.  Lights on and lights off are available along with a follow spot.  Two hand held microphones are also available.  The light booth is on the second floor at the top of the stairs.

     Center 2 - Library - Choral Reading and Ensemble Acting

        There will be a large space available at the front of the room. The library is carpeted.

    Center 3 - Vocal Room - Musical Theater

        There will be large space available at the front of the room.  The room is carpeted.

    Center 4 - Room 107 - Ensemble Acting and Readers Theater

      This is a large classroom on the first floor.  It is not carpeted.

   Center 5 - Room 212 - Ensemble Acting and Readers Theater

     This room is on the second floor.  It is a fairly large classroom with plenty of space.  No carpet.

  Center 6 - Room 204 - Radio and Short Film

    On the second floor, this classroom is large and has a whiteboard at the front of the room for a projection surface.

  Center 7 - Room 206  - Group Improv

    Also on the second floor, this is a large room with no carpet.  This room has mostly student desks and we will squeeze in as many extra chairs for improv as we can.

Center 8 - Room 220 - Mime and TV News

   Located on the second floor, this is a good sized room WITH CARPET.  It can get a little warm in there, so you probably won't want to hang out too long.

Center 9 - Room 217 - Readers Theater

  On the second floor directly across from room 220.  This is a big room and also has carpet.


Congratulations to our 2018 All-State Peformers

Individual Events

Holden Jud - Prose

Julie Quade - Original Oratory

Cara DeWall - After Dinner Speaking

Large Group

Choral Reading - Holden Jud, Jacob Siepker, Julie Quade, Jamison Schriever, Cara DeWall,

 Natalie Reese, Ben Quade, Brian Pearson, Kate Schreier, Abby Larson, Dakota Gailey, 

Major Johnson, Courtney Wubben, Autumn Marsh

Readers Theater - Holden Jud, Julie Quade, Ben Quade, Natalie Reese, Cara DeWall, 

Abby Larson, Brian Pearson

Solo Mime - Major Johnson

Solo Mime - Cameron Swanson

One Act Play - Cameron Swanson, Jacob Siepker, Kaylie Clow, Sydney Colshan, Zoe Fiddelke, Tiffany Espe, Corynn Jensen, Alexis Stuhrenberg, Lauren Harris, Emma Anderson

Radio Broadcasting - Jacob Siepker, Tiffany Espe, Lauren Harris, Zoe Fiddelke, 

Jacob Fiddlke, Emma Anderson



                Congratulations to our 2017 Individual Events All-State Performers
Hunter Johnson - Poetry and Lit Program
Holden Jud - Prose and Public Address
Brandon King - Public Address
Liz Stange - Radio News
Vy Duong - Expository 

Congratulations to our 2017 Large Group All-State Performers

Readers Theater - Hunter Johnson, Brandon King, Ashlee Grady, Liz Stange, Emma Witham, and Morgan Estergaard

Solo Mime - Major Johnson

Solo Mime - Cameron Swanson

A note from Kim Keller - 

My goal for the Manson Northwest Webster Speech Program is to provide students with the support and coaching they need to become confident and effective communicators. Although I take tremendous pride in the success rate our students experience at contest, the rating at the end of the day is not as important as the personal growth each one of our students experiences during the rehearsal and performance process.

Thank you for allowing your students to participate in Speech.  It's going to be a great year!

2019 Events

January 19 - District Large Group Speech - Manson

January 24 - Friends and Family Performances - Manson
Time TBA

February 2 - State Large Group Speech - Spencer

February 16- All-State Large Group Speech - Ames 

February 23- District Individual Speech - Fort Dodge Senior High

March 9 - State Individual Speech - Woodbury Central -Moville

March 26 - All State Individual Speech - UNI

"Just Another High School Play"
November 11-12, 2016


It was a great show with a LARGE cast!