MNW Activities 

Message from Dusty Meyn, MNW Activities Director:

Getting students involved and connected through activities is a subject that I am very passionate about. Activities are an essential part of all education systems. It allows for many freedoms that the academic world doesn't. It plays an important role in gaining self esteem, confidence, and leadership, while allowing the student to find a "place" in the everyday atmosphere of school. It doesn't matter if it is the fine arts or athletics, activities allow for free expression while being involved in something bigger than oneself. It has been proven in many studies* that a student who is active is a better student. A student who is active is less prone to become delinquent. The lessons learned through activities will stay with you forever, help you grow as a person, and help build a bright future. 

Check out MNW's events calendar here.  Go Cougars!

*For instance:  Brown, R. (1999). Extracurricular activity:  How does participation encourage positive youth development?  Retrieved from, Massoni, E. (2011). Positive effects of extra curricular activities on students. ESSAI, 9(27). Retrieved from, or O'Brien, E., & Rollefson, M.  (1995).  Extracurricular participation and student engagement. Retrieved from 95741.asp.   

Activities Director

Dusty Meyn
Activities Director
Manson Northwest Webster Jr/Sr High
1601 15th Street
Manson, IA  50563
Hours:  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.