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Social Development

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

A primary component of our program is offering daily Personal and Social Development Instruction to all of our students.  This course emphasizes the social skills needed for independent functioning with the community.  Topics include self-control, self-expression, obeying rules, decision-making, appropriate situational behavior, interacting with others, and maintaining relationships. Students may develop independence, self-confidence, and self-reliance, strengthening self-esteem, recognizing and resisting negative peer pressure, and developing coping skills for dealing with life issues and changes. The course includes communication, conflict resolution, practical problem-solving, decision making, building resiliency skills, and asset building.

Suite 360

Suite360:Student is a digital, character development and social & emotional learning program. The program offers web, mobile and app-based experiences through professionally developed lessons, which schools can assign to students based on grade level or class, or alternatively, to address a particular student’s infraction during detention or suspension.  Suite360 is research and evidence-backed, with content aligned to the standards developed by the National Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and mapped to the grade-specific learning objectives published by various federal and state education boards.

Link to Suite360

Zones of Regulation is a curriculum for teaching students strategies for emotional and sensory self-management. The Zones approach uses four colors to help students identify how they are feeling and to guide them to strategies to support self regulation. By understanding how to notice their body’s signals, detect triggers, read social context and consider how their behavior impacts those around them, students learn improved emotional control, sensory regulation, self-awareness, and problem-solving abilities.

Superflex curriculum offers a collection of core materials to help kids become better social detectives, thinkers, and problem solvers. Superflex is the name of our lovable superhero character who teaches kids they have a superhero inside their own brains helping them learn about their own and others’ thoughts and behaviors, strengthening their flexible thinking, and giving them strategies to self-regulate in challenging times.