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Ms. Jamie

North Central Consortium Elementary serves students in Kindergarten through 5th  grade in 3 self-contained classrooms. The curriculum integrates with Iowa Core Standards and is delivered through multi-graded classrooms. Students receive daily instruction in Personal & Social Development. Our educational environment provides an opportunity to build relationships and enhance the foundation of learning. Our children learn to take responsibility for their actions and grow to become active participants in their own learning. We use different curriculums and platforms to ensure we reach the learning styles of all students. 

Literacy at NCCS consists of many different components.  Students sharpen their reading and writing skills through readalouds, critical thinking, vocabulary and spelling practice, brainstorming and discussion, editing and revising, and grammar practice. 

Math at NCCS is offered through various platforms in order to individually meet the students where they are at and build skills for success.  Through fact-practice, pre-tests, and printable resources, we are able to reinforce concepts as well as challenge our students.   We incorporate Freckle Math, Xtra Math, IXL, as well as other text and on-line resources, to fill in learning gaps.

Ms. Hannah

A primary component of our program is offering daily Personal & Social Development Instruction to all of our students.  This course emphasizes the social skills needed for independent functioning with the community.  Topics include self-control, self-expression, obeying rules, decision-making, appropriate situational behavior, interacting with others, and maintaining relationships. Students may develop independence, self-confidence, and self-reliance, strengthening self-esteem, recognizing and resisting negative peer pressure, and developing coping skills for dealing with life issues and changes. The course includes communication, conflict resolution, practical problem-solving, decision making, building resiliency skills, and asset building.

Topics covered in social studies include U.S. history, World History, and World Geography.  It is taught at both a middle school level and a high school level. Contemporary Issues is taught at the high school level, exposing students to things going on in the world around them and giving them a voice to express themselves about current events. 

Science at NCCS covers grades 6-12. Middle School level topics include General Science, Life Science Biology, and Earth and Space Science. For high school students we offer Physical Science, Biology, and Environmental Science.  These classes offer the opportunity for students to engage in both face-to-face instruction as well as virtual modules.

Students participate daily in elective courses to develop 21st century skills.  Students are offered the opportunity to participate in Physical Education, Health, Leadership, and Lifetime Fitness classes.  We also offer Music Appreciation and Piano Lab.  Our business course utilizes our school bakery.  Our students learn through other hands-on activities such as leather work, model home building, ceramic molding, woodworking, electricity, and solar power.